P!NK mit klarem Statement

Als Frau deutlicher Worte ist P!INK nicht erst seit ihrem Dear Mr. President in 2006 bekannt. Nun hat sie einen neuen Song veröffentlicht, in dem sie klar Stellung zum Abtreibungsrecht in den USA und dem gesellschaftlichen Klima bezieht.

Und wer es schriftlich braucht, der kriegt es von ihr via Twitter:

Let’s be clear: if you believe the government belongs in a woman’s uterus, a gay person’s business or marriage, or that racism is okay – THEN PLEASE IN THE NAME OF YOUR LORD NEVER FUCKING LISTEN TO MY MUSIC AGAIN. AND ALSO FUCK RIGHT OFF. We good?“

Hier der Text zu dem Lied:

I think it might rain today

Ash on the ground

Took all the heat we could take

And then burnt it down


Now it’s a real parade

We’re all welcome now

As long as you feel afraid

That’s what’s it about


You can call me irrelevant, insignificant

You can try to make me small

I’ll be your heretic, you fucking hypocrite

I won’t think of you at all


Sticks and stones and all that shit

Does Jesus love the ignorant?

I like to think he’d gladly take us all


The kids are not alright

None of us are right

I’m tired but I won’t sleep tonight

‘Cause I still feel alive


I can’t tell the difference

Between fight or flight

I guess I’m indifferent

Since I don’t have the right


I stay under covers now

I’m afraid to go out

I’ll wait for tornados

To come take me out


You can say that I’m ignorant, insignificant

But I’ve been here all along

I’ll be your heretic

You fucking hypocrite

You can’t ever catch us all


Sticks and stones and all that shit

Does Jesus know I’m innocent?

I’d like to think he’d gladly take us all

Girls just want to have rights

Why do we still have to fight?

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