Neues Video von QUEENSRYCHE

Am 7. Oktober 2022 erscheint das neue Album von QUEENSRYCHE "Digital Noise Alliance". Einen Eindruck vermittelt das soeben veröffentlichte Video zum Song In Extremis:

Das aktuelle Line-Up von QUEENSRYCHE:

Eddie Jackson - bass
Michael Wilton - guitar
Todd La Torre - vocals
Casey Grillo - drums
Mike Stone - guitar

The band comments: “This song is about being on your deathbed surrounded by your loved ones. Clinging to the last sense available, letting them know you will still be hearing them after correspondence or perceived consciousness is visible. Other conceptual metaphors flash in and out, taking note of a world that will not bend to accommodate such suffering, a universe of mockery, and a universe void of such abilities.”

Queensryche bei Hooked On Music

News-Redakteur: Epi Schmidt


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